BrewKeg 25


Brewkeg 25 litres

The BrewKeg25TM is a 25 litre capacity stainless steel, conical pressure fermenter with sediment removal and an easy to use lid with variable pressure relief valve.  It’s based on the same successful design as the ever popular BrewKeg10TM Suitable for the standard batch size of 23 litres, the BrewKeg25TM is suitable for all-grain, fresh wort or WilliamsWarn extract brewers who want to experience the magic results of pressure fermentation. At 660mm full height (395mm diameter), it has been designed to fit directly into a standard kegerator. The draining sediment bottle allows you to drain sediment during the fermentation and clarification process without needing to remove the sediment bottle

Brew snug 25 litre


Brewsnug 25 jacket

BrewSnug25 jacket that combines with the BrewSnug10/25 Controller (AP1033) and BrewSnug10/25 Element (AP1034) to allow you to maintain a ferment temperature through the winter. Combination will maintain 25 Deg C at 5 Deg C or above ambient.

Brewkeg 25 litre starter pack


Brewkeg 25 starter pack

Brew and dispense 25 litres of world class beer or cider directly from your BrewKeg25 in 4-7 days. For those who will ferment in a room with an ambient temperature 18-28°c for fermentation and have their own fridge for cooling this is the starter pack for you!

Brewkeg25 complete pack
Brewkeg 25 complete pack


Brewkeg 25 Complete pack

The complete pack for a brewer that wants to brew 25 litres and dispense directly from the BrewKeg25™ through the taps on the Kegerator. There is also the option to transfer into Cornelius kegs (sold separately ) and serve through the taps on the Kegerator. Ferment in your BrewSnug™ outside of the kegerator to ensure that your fridge continues to serve beer if you so desire. (This requires extra corny kegs sold separately). 

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