The WillimasWarn® Brewmaster™launched in 2011

The miracle that beer drinkers have been praying for. 

After 5000 years of brewing, the technology finally exists to allow you to brew your own perfect beer

Following the success of the BrewMaster™, the very cost effective BrewKeg™ range launched in 2016.

The range includes the Brewkeg50 which enables bars and restaurants to make their own beers and ciders on premise and dramatically increase their profitability, while producing their own brand and style for their customers. And the BrewKeg25 and BrewKeg10 which makes the same, affordable, technology available to the home brewer to create world-class craft beer or cider at home.

Homebrew brewkegs 10 litres 25 litres 50 litres
3 sizes of Brewkeg
Where it all started…the worlds first personal brewery

In 2004, whilst Ian was working out of Denmark as an international brewing consultant and professional beer taster, he was challenged by his uncle (a frustrated homebrewer) to invent the worlds first personal brewery.

Homebrew kegorator with dispense
Homebrewing kegorator
Home brewing made easy.

Our research tells us that for every one person brewing there are 100 who have tried the hobby and stopped. Mainly due to a range of issues relating to complexity and quality. The BrewMaster™ and BrewKeg™ range have been developed to help these people back into the hobby by making it easy to make beer or cider at home.

The result is cold, perfectly carbonated, clear, professional quality beer made in 7 days, like a modern brewery.