Where the ingenuity came from....

Ian Williams (who at the time was the youngest ever person to be awarded the status of ‘Master Brewer), together with Anders Warn put all their knowledge and experience into producing the equipment and ingredients now available under the WilliamsWarn brand.  Find out about his journey to bring his first personal brewery to fruition here.

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the team bringing WilliamsWarn to the UK.....

Sarah is the organiser, and spent 10 years working in the brewing trade supporting the development of well known brands by helping the business understand what the consumers really wanted from their products.

Mike enjoys entertaining and has spent his whole life in the food business; as a farmer, butcher, and chef, as well as working in food manufacturing for some major household names. Never afraid to experiment with food he had been looking for a piece of magic that would take things to the next level.

Now, the WilliamsWarn® brewing systems have enabled Mike to make his own beers, crafted to be the perfect accompaniment and complete the entertaining package.  From being put off by the faff, mess and unreliability of home brewing when he felt that beer production was best left to the experts, he now believes great home brewed beer is achievable.

Then a family holiday visiting friends in New Zealand introduced us to the WilliamsWarn® Brewkeg™ systems.  Great beer that gave no hint of home brew, in awesome looking kit that made crafting a superb beer ‘as easy as’

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Mike Dalton

The result is, we have now taken the plunge to get the kit into the UK so other like minded people can benefit.

Mike decided on the Brewkeg™ system along with the WilliamsWarn® ingredients as he wanted to produce great beer, easily and reliably.  The WilliamsWarn® Brewkeg™ is a versatile brew system.  It will work however you brew; all grain, extract or kits.  As you gain experience, the Brewkeg™ system will be your friend to experiment with as many beer styles and flavour combinations as you want.